22 Sep 2021

Upcoming Change in URN Length

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Due to changes in our backend systems in both Forge and BIM360, there will be a change in URN length in our future release of APIs.

The length of the URN is going to get longer, we hope this length is not hardcoded in your application, in case it is, it will be a breaking change and need to be fixed from your end. Here is an example:

  • URN format
    • Original URN:  urn:adsk.wipmaster:fs.folder:co.9_gmRI9BTFiPVBN_QbtYsg
    • New URN:  urn:adsk.wipmaster:fs.folder:co.mATL82RlTii5Cm7-aFu3Gg9_gmRI9BTFiPVBN_QbtYs

If you can notice, the length of the URN is longer, hope this info helps you in case your application was not working which relied on checking URN length.

This URN change affects all types of URNs, i.e., Folder, Item, Version. And there is no fixed length, for now, the maximum limit is 242 chars.

There will be no changes to the existing URNs, only new entities will get these new URN formats.

This is just precautionary information but no deprecation or migration date is announced yet.

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