12 Sep 2023

Unifying the Developer Ecosystem: A New Documentation Landing Page on the APS Developer Portal

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Developers on the Autodesk Platform Services Developer Portal can now enjoy a more user-friendly experience with the new and improved documentation landing page. With this new design, developers can find documentation for all Autodesk cloud and desktop products as well as platform APIs such as Authentication that they rely on daily. This update is part of our overall initiative to unify the developer ecosystem by merging all desktop and cloud developer resources into a single portal.

Documentation Landing Page

The new documentation landing page now offers searching and filtering capabilities enabling you to filter by Industry, Capability and Language, making it easier to locate known documentation and discover new APIs and SDKs. Additionally, we are improving the documentation itself. We are gathering related learning resources together in one place for easy access. Now when you navigate to the documentation for products like Revit or Data Exchange, you will not only find the technical docs, but also links to resources like tutorials, tools and community blogs related to your specific API or SDK. Similarly, links to other developer resources have also been improved, allowing users to access relevant code samples, blogs, tutorials, etc. directly from the API/product landing page.

This landing page also improves discoverability. Developers can easily find new APIs and SDKs that are relevant to their specific application scenarios. With this addition, we've taken a major step toward building a vibrant ecosystem for our products and improving developer experience in discovering all relevant resources. Check out our new landing page on the APS Developer Portal.

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