7 Feb 2022

Takeoff API Enhancement: Write Access for Settings, Classifications and Packages

We are pleased to announce the availability of the first set of write API to Autodesk Takeoff. A set of six(6) new endpoints gives you a write access to settings, classifications and packages. In addition to the new endpoints, location attribute (locationId) is added to existing GET takeoff-items endpoint. 

Using the new set of write API, you are able to: 

  • update the measurement system in settings for a project 
  • create, update and delete classification systems for a project 
  • create and rename a takeoff package for a project 

The new location attribute (locationId) in GET takeoff-items enables you to:

  • determine the location associated with a takeoff item. 


You can find the following six(6) endpoints added to the reference section:


We intend to update one of existing GitHub sample, forge-takeoff.exchange.csv, to demonstrate write API. We will update you through a blog when it is ready to share.    

For information about the initial release of Takeoff API, please refer to the earlier post: "Autodesk Takeoff API"

If you have any question about Takeoff API, please contact us through our Forge support channel.

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