6 Jan 2021

SVF/SVF2 Survey

Do you use SVF? Have you tried SVF2?  If the answer is yes to either of them, please take a moment to fill this survey about SVF/SVF2

SVF is a format used to view a model with Forge API. SVF2 is a newer version of SVF. It is optimized for better performance and currently in public beta. If you haven’t tried SVF2, yet, please read this post and give it a try. 

Please participate the survey even if you haven’t tried SVF2, yet. We would like to get feedback about SVF, too.  You are welcome to come back to the survey after you have tried SVF2. 
Survey will help the product team to make improvements to the existing services and prioritize the efforts moving forward. The survey should take about 10 minutes.

If you have any questions about the survey, feel free to contact: michael.saunders@autodesk.com.  

Thank you for your time and helping us improve the service for future. 

Note: this is the same survey we had at AU 2020.  

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