21 Sep 2021

Save the date - Forge Hackathon Showcase 2021

Forge Hackathon Showcase

AU is right around the corner! The 2nd annual Forge Hackathon kicks off this Friday, September 24, with Pitch Day. Official coding begins Monday, September 27 and lasts through Friday, October 1, or as we like to call it, Demo Day.

Finalists and winners will be announced the following week during Autodesk University, at the Forge Hackathon Showcase.


The 2021 Forge Hackathon Showcase

October 5 at 10 AM PST

After all submissions are in on Demo Day, it's the judges' turn to deliberate! They get the unenviable task of picking winners for our 5 challenges:

  • Most creative Digital Twin application: How smart or innovative is your digital twin? Is it something no one has ever seen before? Bonus points will be awarded for using the Data Visualization extensions for the Forge Viewer, and for making sure your digital twin is as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible.
  • Playing around with XR: Why stick to the physical world when you can play around with multiple realities? Now, reality can be whatever you want it to be—augmented, virtual, or mixed. Come with your favorite headset and earn bonus points for using Forge servers to prep your data, as well as for using GLTF.
  • Thinking outside the box with Autodesk Construction Cloud: Autodesk Construction Cloud connects workflows, teams, and data at every stage of construction to reduce risk, maximize efficiency, and increase profits. If you're tackling this challenge, you'll get to take full advantage of the team that brought you ACC. Bonus points will be awarded for creating a sustainable solution.
  • Most innovative task automation app: How many tedious, manual processes can be automated? Use the Forge Design Automation APIs to help you automate repetitive tasks, freeing up time and energy to focus on more complex workflows. 
  • Best 3D game application: We loved your submissions so much last year, this year we want to see more! Get creative with the three.js library and build a fun game we'll never want to put down. Bonus points will be awarded for using the Forge Viewer.


The Hackathon Showcase takes place during the first week of Autodesk University, at 10 AM PST on October 5. Make sure you register for AU to catch the winners live!


Register for AU


Already registered? Make sure to bookmark the Hackathon Showcase and add it to your calendar!


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Forge Hackathon vol. 2

There's still time to sign up for the 2nd annual Forge Hackathon! Join with a team or find one on Pitch Day.


Sign up for the hackathon


The Timeline

Pitch Day: September 24

We want to hear what you're thinking about making, so come tell us on Pitch Day! You can get feedback on your ideas, share your expertise, or find a team that you want to join.

Coding Support Period: September 27 - October 1

During the week of the hackathon, you will have unlimited access to multiple Autodesk Forge support resources, including:

  • The Forge platform and documentation
  • The Autodesk engineering teams
  • Forge Advocates

And, of course, 24x5 support hours. Whether you're an early bird or a night owl, someone will be online to guide you and answer any questions you may have.

Demo Day: October 1

Each team will submit a video showcasing the app they built for our judges. Live viewing of those videos will take place on October 1 according to each team's region.

Winner Selection: October 3

Winners of each challenge will be informed of their victory by October 3. The team must then submit a video outlining who they are, the application they built, and which challenge it addresses by October 4, to be included in the Hackathon Showcase on October 5.


We'll see you soon!


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