8 Mar 2022

Retiring Assets API Relationships Endpoints for Autodesk Build

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Do you use or plan to use Assets API relationships endpoints with Autodesk Build to create/delete references for assets?  If so, please read on.  
Autodesk plans to retire three (3) Assets API relationships endpoints in favor of Relationships API. Relationships API is a shared component across Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) unified products and BIM 360, and is adapted by many services. In terms of functionality, both versions serve the same purpose of defining/deleting references. The difference is that Assets API version works only with assets, while the Relationships API shared component version works across ACC services. (Historically, the Assets API version was first released in February 2021 to serve as a temporary remedy until the write API for Relationships API became available. The write API for Relationships API was released in August 2021.) 

At this point, the plan for retirement applies to Autodesk Build. BIM 360 Build is not affected(*1)
Action Required

If you are using the following three (3) Assets API relationship endpoints with Autodesk Build, please migrate to Relationships API by September 1st, 2022(*2), at which point the Assets API relationship endpoints will be deprecated and stop functioning.  
Assets API - Relationships Endpoints (retiring)

Replace with:

Relationships API – Modify Endpoints (replacement):

For more information about Relationships API, please take a look at this blog post.  
If you encounter any issues or have any questions about this migration, please contact forge.help@autodesk.com       

(*1) Although no plan for BIM 360 Build to retire Assets API relationships endpoints at this time, we strongly encourage to use Relationships API.
(*2) If we confirm all applicable developers have migrated, we may deprecate sooner.   

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