6 Sep 2022

Pricing changes for Reality Capture API

Reality Capture API

New pricing for Reality Capture API 


On March 29 we announced a pricing change to 1 Cloud Credit per gigapixel. That was the first of planned changes for the Reality Capture API. We have now implemented the second step on September 7, 2022 at Midnight UTC.


Introducing ‘per photo’ pricing for Reality Capture API 

On September 7, we updated our pricing for Reality Capture API from a per gigapixel approach to a per photo approach. 


Current Pricing 

New Pricing 

1 Cloud Credit per gigapixel 

1 Cloud Credit per 50 photos 

* For EBA customers the new price is 1 token per 50 photos


Size of the photo will no longer be the determining factor on processing Reality Capture API calls. The new ‘per photo’ pricing will help streamline cost and usage estimates regardless of image size. 


Historical usage data no longer retrievable

As part of shifting to this new approach, we will only be able to report usage data on a per photo basis after September 7. That means that per Gigapixel usage data will no longer be displayed and historical data will no longer be retrievable. Due to this, we recommend that you download your data in advance of September 7 Midnight UTC. 

To download your data, just log into your Forge Account and visit the Usage Analytics page. If you need assistance reach out to forge.help@autodesk.com. 



If you have questions on this new feature, please reach out to forge.marketing@autodesk.com 

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