23 Sep 2021

Premiering with Autodesk University: Forge Documentary

Susanna behind the scenes

Forge was announced to the world back at Autodesk University 2015. Then 6 months later we had our big coming out party, Forge DevCon. This event was hosted in San Francisco to showcase the Forge platform to over 1000 developers. Back then our API and service offering was a little bit different than it is today.  


We had the humble beginnings of a design and make platform. We offered some of the same APIs and services you see today, but you will notice that we have come so far. 

Back in 2017, our platform looked a bit like this... 


Today we have a suite of BIM 360 and Autodesk Construction Cloud APIs. We also have expanded our Design Automation APIs to beyond AutoCAD with Revit, Inventor, and 3ds Max. We have enhanced capabilities on the Viewer via offering Data Visualization APIs with IoT solutions. And we have added some workhorse APIs like Authentication and Webhooks. 


It has been quite the road. Our teams have thoroughly enjoyed seeing what the community has created with Forge. Their solutions have been beyond anything we could have imagined. Given this, we wanted to take some time out to reflect on the journey and thank those that helped us get to where we are today. 


That is why we are excited to share that on October 5th, we will be premiering a Forge documentary...The Making of a Platform. You will hear from some of the pioneers of the Forge platform as they share some of their fondest memories on the road to becoming the flagship platform for Autodesk. 

Check out this sneak peek from the video.  


Be sure to check back at our Forge at AU page on October 5th to see the documentary. And if you haven’t already, register for Autodesk University now. It’s free and has a ton of great content to help fuel your digital transformation.  

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