22 Jan 2019

A new way to purchase Forge subscriptions

Forge subscriptions now available on the Autodesk eStore

The Forge Team is excited to announce that customers in the US, Europe and the UK can now purchase Forge subscriptions from the Autodesk online store using a credit card. This is not instead of, but in addition to, the existing option to use a Purchase Order. Customers outside of those locations must still buy Forge via Purchase Order at this time.


To buy your Forge subscription via the online store, visit the Forge pricing page, click the Visit E-Store button, confirm your location, and follow the online checkout instructions.


The Forge subscription package available on the online store includes 100 cloud credits and is set to renew automatically after one year. You can switch off the auto-renew option in your account management dashboard.


I also wanted to take advantage of this announcement to address a couple of common causes of confusion about Forge subscriptions and cloud credits, so here’s a short FAQ:


Q. How do I buy a Forge subscription with more than 100 cloud credits?

A. If you wish to purchase a Forge subscription with more than 100 cloud credits, then you should use a Purchase Order instead of the online store. Click on the 'Contact the sales team' button on the pricing page to request a quote you can use with your Purchase Order.


Q. I already have a Forge subscription. How do I buy additional cloud credits?

A. You can buy addition cloud credits in ‘packs’ of 100 from your account management dashboard. Click on the ‘Get Cloud Credits’ button under Reporting > Cloud Services Usage. If you want to buy a much larger quantity of cloud credits, then you may either buy them directly from Autodesk via Purchase Order (click on the ‘Buy More Credits’ button on the pricing page to request a quote); or you may buy them from your local reseller. If you use the second option, make sure your cloud credits are purchased using the same contract number as your Forge subscription.


Q. I want to renew my Forge subscription, but when I buy cloud credits the subscription expiry date doesn’t change. How do I renew my subscription?

A. Buying additional cloud credits does not automatically extend your Forge subscription. To maintain a Forge subscription, you must renew the subscription. If you bought the subscription from the online store then it will automatically renew (unless you disabled the auto-renew option). If you bought the subscription via Purchase Order, then you will receive a renewal reminder email shortly before your subscription is due to expire. A Forge subscription renewal includes a minimum of 100 cloud credits, but you can request more via Purchase Order.


Q. How do I monitor my Forge cloud credit consumption?

A. When you’re logged into the Forge website, click on your profile icon in the top right corner of the page and select the Usage Analytics option.



If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out here.




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