2 Apr 2021

New API Type: Autodesk Construction Cloud

Create App ACC API

A new API type, Autodesk Construction Cloud API, has been added to the Forge dev portal‘s My Apps >>  Create App page (see the image above). This is a precursor to the releases of APIs that are specific to Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) unified products. 

As we discussed in our previous post, common platform APIs (such as Data Management and Viewer) remain the same. Many functionalities that are coming from BIM 360 (such as Model Coordination and Cost) are unchanged. For these, you can continue using BIM 360 as API type for ACC unified products. The new Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) API is meant for the functionalities that exist only in ACC unified products. i.e., if your app targets: 

  • BIM 360 only, => then include “BIM 360 API”
  • BIM 360 and/or ACC, but you only use compatible APIs, => include “BIM 360 API”
  • BIM 360 and/or ACC, and you want to use the full range of APIs, => include “BIM 360 API” and “Autodesk Construction Cloud API”
  • ACC only and you only use ACC specific APIs, => include “Autodesk Construction Cloud API”

As an example, if you are using Model Coordination API, which is compatible for both BIM 360 and Autodesk BIM Collaborate/Pro, you only need to include BIM 360 API. If you are using Forms API, which is specific to Autodesk Build, you need to include ACC API.  

You can find the compatibilities table here

Note that as ACC unified products continue to evolve, in future we may start seeing ACC specific features/APIs for those that are compatible for both products currently. 

More APIs are expected to come for ACC unified products. Stay tuned!  

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