21 Feb 2022

Model Properties API v.s. Model Derivative API

By Xiaodong Liang

Two weeks ago, Model Properties API was released. Based on SVF2 data, it provides the ability to build indexing with rich properties and the query supports sophisticated conditions in granular control (SQL-liked expression). It can also compare model versions and tells added/removed/changed objects & different properties/geometry hash(plus bounding box data).  

As you may have experience with Model Derivative API of Forge which can also provide model properties, the table below describes the differences of the two APIs only in this perspective. We hope it would help when you evaluate which one is more suitable to you scenarios.

Comparison Model Derivative API Model Properties API
Environment general service for any models models in BIM360/ACC only 
Token 2-legged or 3-legged  3 legged token only
Trigger Translation Yes No
Model Hierarchy  Yes No
Object Properties Yes Yes
Properties Indexed No Yes
Models Difference  No Yes
Model Formats  formats in Supported Translation
  • indexing properties support those which can be translated to SVF2 
  • diff indexing has less supported formats(see field guid
Properties Format 
  • json
  • each property is provided as name and value
  • compressed line delimited json
  • each property is provided as indexing key and value
  • Currently, only search by one dbId 
  • enhancements are coming soon, e.g. one or more dbId ,searched by name, wildcard etc (see AU class)
  • SQL-liked query
  • search by any key, value
  • AND OR semantics with various conditions
  • nested queries/conditions
  • transformed columns
  • transformed columns with conditions 
Properties Fields (keys) info  No Yes
dbId dbId for SVF/SVF2   dbId for SVF/SVF2/OTG 
External Id  Yes Yes
Bounding-box data  No Yes
Geometry Hash  No Yes
Properties Hash  No Yes
Views the object locates in  No Yes


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