16 May 2018

Meet the Forge DevCon Team

This year for Forge DevCon team wants to emphasize how important the community is. With the event entering its third year, we’ve seen so many familiar faces and amazing projects. We want to invite you to come to share your story and apply to teach a class or a workshop. Whether you are a beginner or veteran, your story can help others learn and innovate.

  • Share your journey building a Forge application
  • Lead a class on your industry best practices
  • Host a lab on developer basics

Need more ideas? Or maybe you want to get some feedback on your class proposal. We have a talented team of experts on deck to help.

Below you will find the Forge DevCon speaker management team.  These people are experts in their fields and here to help you on your path to teaching a class a Forge DevCon. 

You can get in touch with them anytime by sending an email to forge.speaker.management@autodesk.com

And don't be shy. If you have ANY questions about speaking at Forge DevCon, send us a note. We will pair you with the expert that best matches your area of focus.

Cyrille Fauvel - Forge Partner Development Team Leader

Cyrille FauvelCyrille has been with Autodesk since 1993, joining the company to work on AutoCAD. He’s passionate about technology and computers. At Autodesk, Cyrille worked in various roles from the design side to manufacturing and finally to games and films. These days you can catch him doing talks on mixed reality at industry conferences and meetups. When he’s not dabbling in code, he’s leading the developer evangelist team for Autodesk Forge and delivering the best creative solutions to partners using Forge APIs and web services.


Emily Bartlett – Forge Systems Integrator Program Lead

Emily BartlettEmily is responsible for managing relationships with strategic partners and top investment fund recipients on our Forge Platform. She spearheads the Systems Integrator Program which connects customers with companies that can help develop Forge solutions. She also acts as a key advisor for Forge DevCon lining up speakers in design and manufacturing industries. While you can find her at the Autodesk headquarter office in San Francisco, Emily is originally from North Carolina with roots in Italy and the UK. Prior to Autodesk, she received her MBA from Dartmouth & BA from Duke. Emily also held positions as a business analyst and strategy consultant for IBM and Doreen Evans.


Kean Walmsley – Autodesk Research

Kean WalmsleyKean Walmsley works at Autodesk Research, based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. He spent several years working in the Autodesk Developer Network and four years as a Software Architect for the AutoCAD product line. Kean authors Through the Interface blog, through which he enjoys a regular dialog with software developers working with Autodesk technologies. He also uses the blog to share his research into how Autodesk technologies connect with emerging industry trends, such as reality capture, natural user interfaces, virtual reality, and the internet of things.


Galia Traub – Sr. Software Engineer

Galia TraubGalia has written software for Autodesk products that heavily rely on Forge and other APIs. Through that process, she has accumulated strategies for dealing with the complexities that are inherent in API-driven applications. She joined Autodesk as part of an acquisition with the goal of bringing about culture change and more technical rigor. She has always viewed coding as a social experience and strongly believes that empathy for fellow developers goes a long way to a joyful and productive coding experience.



Lior Gerling – Sr. Product Manager Forge Machine Learning Platform, and Application Framework.

Lior GerlingLior joined Autodesk 3 years ago as a Product Manager for Forge Platform for Manufacturing and the Machine Learning.

Prior to Autodesk, he worked in various companies and organizations as the Ministry of Defense, Applied Materials and Accellion, bringing 10 years of product management experience in the areas of Cloud (SaaS), Platform, Manufacturing, Machine Learning, Collaboration, Mobile, and Web.




Mikako Harada – AEC Technical Lead - Forge Partner Development Team

Mikako HaradaMikako Harada works as an AEC technical lead and Americas manager for the Developer Technical Services (DevTech) team at Autodesk. She provides API (Application Programming Interface) technical support to the members of Autodesk Developer Network worldwide for AEC products. Prior to joining Autodesk, she worked as a researcher for the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich. While at ETH, she worked with projects involving the development of web-based collaborative environment with the Swiss building industry and web-based visualization projects for business data archive systems, aiming to enlarge our knowledge by providing a means of visualizing a large amount of information. She was also a researcher at Engineering Design Research Center in Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), Dr. Scott Fahlman’s lab (who is known as the father of Common LISP and the person who first sent the smiley face on the Internet), and Artificial Intelligence Cognitive Systems group at General Motors Technical Center. Her interests are in the areas of interactive techniques, optimization and layout synthesis.

Sasha Crotty – Sr. Product Manager Revit Platform

Sasha CrottySasha Crotty joined Autodesk, Inc., in 2005 as a developer for Revit Structure. She went on to lead the Revit Structure development team before switching gears into product management. As the Revit Core product manager, she is responsible for the direction and evolution of Revit's multi-disciplinary tools, performance, and the API. Sasha holds a BA in Architecture and a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley, as well as an MBA from Boston University. In her spare time, Sasha enjoys growing miniature orchids and traveling around the world.


Shawn Gilmour – Director of Forge Platforms

Shawn GilmourAs the Director of PaaS Strategy for Autodesk’s Cloud Platforms team, Shawn is focused enabling a vibrant ecosystem to reach new customers and new markets by combining the strengths of Autodesk and its partners. Specifically, he is defining a vision, strategy and execution plan for how Autodesk can enable partners to build new solutions and apps using Autodesk web service and SaaS application API’s. Shawn has 28 years of industry experience with 15 years in product management, business and strategy roles.


Stephen Preston – Sr. Business Manager, Forge

Stephen Preston Stephen Preston has been with Autodesk since 2000, focusing on providing programming support, consulting, training and evangelism to external developers. He started his career in the UK and now lives in California in the US. Stephen’s current position is Global Manager of Developer Technical Services (DevTech), the worldwide team of API gurus providing technical services through the Autodesk Developer Network. Stephen started his career as a scientist and has a D.Phil. in Atomic and Laser Physics from the University of Oxford. When he’s not programming, he is an avid and eclectic reader and loves to get out and about running or hiking in the Northern California countryside.



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