22 Apr 2024

Managing your Autodesk Platform Services Account

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This article aims to tell you all you need to know about managing your Autodesk Platform Services (formerly Forge) account.


Back on November 7, 2022 we introduced a new account structure. No longer will we be offering annual subscriptions. You either have a trial, Full Access, or Limited Access. Just maintaining a positive balance of Flex tokens or Cloud Credits will ensure you have Full Access which means unlimited access to both free and premium APIs.

What is Full Access to Autodesk Platform Services?

Full Access is similar to the previous subscription. Full Access allows the same complete access to all free and premium APIs on Autodesk Platform Services. However, unlike a subscription, there is no need to purchase Full Access. When you complete your free trial, your account will automatically switch to Full Access. That means you can continue to use free APIs as much as you need. If you are calling premium APIs, you will begin to incur charges. See pricing page for per API fee structure.

What if I only want to use free APIs?

No problem. Full access enables unlimited use of free APIs. If you maintain a zero balance or higher of Flex tokens or Cloud Credits you will stay at Full Access.

What if my account balance goes below zero?

Again, no problem! If your account balance goes into the negative, you will enter the 14-day grace period. That gives you two weeks to get your balance up to zero or higher. If the grace period lapses and your account is still in the negative, you risk potential service disruption.

What currency should I pay my a balance with - Flex tokens or Cloud Credits?

Your account will use Cloud Credits first. Then if there aren’t enough Cloud Credits left, then you will begin to consume Flex tokens. There are select countries where Flex tokens are not available. In those countries only Cloud Credits will be used.

How do I know if I am to purchase Flex tokens or Cloud Credits?

Just visit the pricing page and select your country. The page will tell you whether you are to purchase Flex tokens or Cloud Credits.

How do I know how many Flex tokens or Cloud Credits to purchase?

You can check your Usage Analytics to see how much you are consuming per API. Then you can use the Token estimator to estimate how many Flex tokens or Cloud Credits you need. 

Have more questions? No problem. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the team at aps.help@autodesk.com



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