31 Mar 2020

Introducing self-contained Forge extensions

autodesk forge extensions



As a forge developer do you want a technical feature as an extension out of the box which is easy to plugin into any forge project?

We got a solution, we have creating self contained, loosely coupled extensions, and listing them for viewing and testing on your own models. You can find these extension repo here: https://github.com/Autodesk-Forge/forge-extensions

Demo: https://forge-extensions.autodesk.io/

Each extension is in it's folder containing all the required code and nothing else. This way it's easy to make an extension portable, if you write extension following the README.md , you can reuse the extension in other forge apps with ease. Consider you're building your forge app in angular with extensions and want to use the similar extension or functionality in your next react forge app, it's easy to plugin, that's the advantage of creating extensions by following the method outlined in this repo.

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