10 Jun 2020

Introducing the Forge Showroom

Voila, ladies and gentlemen! Forge/BIM developers and design/engineering professionals around the world! Introducing the Forge Showroom - a curated list of Forge samples and PoCs with handy assistance features to search, filter and share:


We are bringing this smorgasbord to you in response to your long standing request to address the pain of having our samples, a lot of the times ones of high referential value, scattered over a few discrete sources... Over time they would get ever the more difficult to track and in many cases left unattended in dust. But no more! Now we have a one-stop saloon for all your sampling needs - whenever you feel like exploring the endless possibilities of Forge you can always come to this ground zero of innovative, current and relevant samples and demos that are actively maintained by our teams and/or partners, to fill you with inspiration and promising ideas!

Let's walk through the social features first - you can like and repost a sample using the controls at the bottom of each vignette of the samples:


Obviously there are quite a few samples on display at first sight. With the masonry layout all these little samples could get a bit overwhelming for the eye, leaving us spoiled for choice ... Worry not! you can easily look them up by keywords and filter by categories, with all the controls tucked unobtrusively on the right end of the nav-bar at the top:


Note that every time we do a search or filter we'd be able to share the current view of results - the search and filter states would be reflected in the URL so you could easily slip it to others to help them to the same spoils.

In case you haven't noticed, these categories are so for a reason - they are actually in line with a series of recordings on Forge by our Director Jim Quanci, who grouped samples, PoCs and apps into these 8 categories. Never occurred to me he was such a brilliant taxnomoist though (LOL):


And if you feel like you have you are profoundly welcome to drop us a line here. We look forward to hearing from you!


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