15 Nov 2019

How to convert your plugin to work with Design Automation for AutoCAD

Design Automation API for AutoCAD

Forge Design Automation for AutoCAD Engine accepts two kinds of modules

  1. CRX, console runtime extension which is a C++ native application using AutoCAD Core ObjectARX API
  2. NET, a net assembly which is a managed application using AutoCAD Core .NET API.

Section: CRX

We will discuss how to create a crx application step by step, at the end of this tutorial you can also find a video tutorial and complete source code on GitHub.

  1. Please refer crx step by step

Section: .NET

  1. Please refer .NET step by step on Learn Forge for AutoCAD


To learn what else you can do with the Design Automation API for AutoCAD, register for the webinar on December 5 at 8 AM PST. The series will also cover the Design Automation APIs for Revit, Inventor, and 3ds Max.

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