26 Feb 2020

Handling "Developer Status is not Active" response

(Updated on September 2020)

Developers can try Forge for free with 100 Cloud Credits for a period of 90 days, but how do I know if my credits have been consumed or my trial period ended?

Answer: the OAuth API (first endpoint you need to call in most workflows) will return the following:

      "faultstring":"Developer Status is not Active",

Other APIs that consume Cloud Credits (Model Derivative, Design Automation and Reality Capture) will return 403 Forbiden error with the following message:

   "developerMessage": "Your are not allowed to use this API because your Forge trial is expired",
   "errorCode": "ERR-004" 

What should I do?

It's time to subscribe to Forge. A sales representative may reach you using the email on your Forge account. If you're not sure which email was used or received the error message above, please check the Pricing page to contact the sales team or reach the technical support

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