21 Feb 2018

Free Webinar - AEC-Hackathon starts tomorrow noon !

AEC-Hackathon webinar starting soon!

Jaime & Michael will be at the AEC Hackathon 5.0 this weekend.  So we thought we'd prepare a little 'Forge Intro' webinar to get those ideas flowing...

Webinar - "Viewing your 3D BIM data in the cloud with Autodesk Forge"

Sign up here: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/9082036802900135171

Starts tomorrow at noon (PST) !!!




Recording URL:  gotoWebinarRecording


List of Demo URL's:

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Michael Beale

Michael Beale

Michael Beale is a senior software engineer at Autodesk, where he has been a globe-trotting technical advocate for Forge. Michael focuses on connecting Autodesk cloud data and Autodesk Forge APIs to the browser. He’s also contributed to Autodesk Homestyler, the Forge Large Model Viewer (LMV), Autodesk Prooflab, Stereo-Panorama service with webVR and recently 3D formats, such as glTF and 3D-Tiles-Next. Twitter:...