12 Nov 2020

Forge “Virtual Reality” at AU 2020


Forge is going "Virtual" with "Virtual Reality" this year !


VR has proven to be invaluable in the current 'stay at home' work environment. 

Two Forge partners show how VR tools are helping their customers at this year's Autodesk University ... 

- ARKIO with conceptual design

- RESOLVE for Inspection and Review.

To make it easier to find their talks and their LIVE Q&A panel, see the details below:


ARKIO - For Conceptual Designers and Architects

Arkio is a collaborative design tool for architecture that enables designers and project stakeholders to easily sketch design ideas inside a shared virtual space. Arkio works in VR as well as on PCs and mobile devices so anyone can join a design session.

With the new integration with Forge it's now possible to import a Revit model into Arkio straight from BIM360, sketch new design ideas on top of the model in real-time with the team and export the design back to BIM360 as native Revit geometry to continue the work.

Join Hilmar, Johan and myself at our Q&A panel, where we will dive into the details of how Arkio leverages "Forge - Design Automation for Revit" and "BIM 360 APIs" to simplify the design phase.

Live Q&A session

  • WHEN:  Fri 20th Nov2020, 3:30PM (PST)


CLASS: Recording HERE

Q&A Panel:  Recording HERE 






RESOLVE - Collaborate in VR / find design & construction issues before they happen

For VDC and facilities teams reviewing project models in Navisworks, BIM360 or Revit for Pre-Construction, Construction and Operations & Maintenance.

Instead of screen sharing or emailing screenshots back and forth, all stakeholders can meet in the Resolve virtual environment to review projects together at full-scale. Project teams can cut down on unnecessary construction and operations costs by using Resolve to improve engagement with BIM and identify potential issues early.

Resolve integrates with the Autodesk Construction Cloud ecosystem to seamlessly review models hosted on ACC and sync issues back to your single source of truth so that anyone from the owner, GC, or design team can collaborate efficiently.

This is a quick 15minute lightning talk, that provides an update to “Resolve” (see last year’s talk) and their new technology that now automatically handles Large Models at Navisworks scale, on the easy-to-use VR "Oculus Quest 2" hardware.

Live Q&A session:

  • WHEN: Wed 18th Nov 2020, 12 noon (PST)



CLASS Recording here:




Michael Beale / Twitter: @micbeale

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