9 Jul 2020

Forge Partner Talks: August Webinars

Worried that the end of July also means the end of Forge Partner Talks? Don't worry - the series will be extended through August! With two brand new episodes featuring trusted Autodesk partners focused on the construction industry, you can easily stay in the loop on the latest Forge-powered design + make cloud innovations. Tune in to learn more about their solutions, and how they can help your business stay ahead of the competition and win more customers.


Join host Emily Scherbenski, Senior Forge Marketing Manager, and top Forge partners who will share the innovative solutions they have built using Forge, insights they gained along the way, and any words of wisdom for others just starting out. 


Forge Partner Talks: Remote Construction Site Management

August 5th 7 am PST/4 pm CET

Hear from featured partners on managing construction sites remotely. 

This session focuses on managing construction sites remotely.

Christian Claus, CMO at HoloBuilder, discusses how HoloBuilder assists builders and engineers to create immersive 360° progress views of construction sites.

Robert Shear, Head of Marketing & Business Development at OpenSpace, shares how OpenSpace uses cutting-edge technology to allow people in the real world to efficiently capture, analyze, and get their work done.

Lisa Kelly, Executive Director at EarthCam, talks about the shift to remote work how EarthCam empowers customers to manage job sites remotely.


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Forge Partner Talks: Tracking Progress with Reality Capture 

August 19th 7 am PST/4 pm CET

Join this talk to gain insights from featured panelists on tracking construction site progress using reality capture.


Roger Schoellgen, CTO at VisualLive, will demonstrate VisualLive's AR software on iPad and HoloLens2. He will cover a wide range of features such as issues, RFIs, installation tracking, properties, and virtual measurements. VisualLive integrates with Autodesk BIM 360 and accepts a variety of model formats from Forge.

Dominique Pouliquen, CEO of Cintoo US, will talk about Cintoo Cloud, a cloud platform connected to BIM 360 that handles large laser scan data and BIM models for Scan and BIM workflows such as QA/QC for construction.

Katie O'Leary, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at DroneDeploy, will share DroneDeploy's industry-leading drone data solution for construction helping companies capture their site and turn that data into meaningful information, such as validating work, verifying progress, and resolving issues.


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