14 Sep 2018

Forge DevCon 2018 – its not only for programmers

Register Today for Forge DevCon in Las Vegas, November 12-13 as part of Autodesk University.

Forge DevCon is the largest gathering of Design and Engineering software professionals in the world. But don’t be fooled by the name: Forge DevCon isn't only for programmers ...

(Actually, it’s not just about Forge either).

Don’t get me wrong – if you’re the kind of person who only likes to read sentences that end in a semi-colon, then we have plenty for you. [Editor’s note: Don't worry if you didn’t get that joke - it just means you’re not a programmer. It was also a very bad joke]. But Forge DevCon covers so much more …

  • Forge DevCon is about understanding the art of the possible.
  • Forge DevCon is about using new technology to simplify and improve your workflows.
  • Forge DevCon is about discovering how industry leaders are finding new ways to solve old problems using new technologies (such as augmented reality, IoT and machine learning).
  • Forge DevCon is about learning the new technologies that will underpin the next generation of Autodesk products
  • Forge DevCon is about meeting (and sharing ideas with) lots of people with similar interests to your own.

As a leader or decision maker at your company, you don’t need to know how to write code for yourself, but you do need to keep up to date with industry and technology trends so you can make the right decisions (and so you can tell your programmers what you’d like them to write for you). Thousands of Autodesk customers and partners are already using or experimenting with Forge - don't be late to the party.

The backbone of this content at Forge DevCon consists of the industry case studies and panel sessions in the AEC and Design & Manufacturing domains, supplemented with tracks on Complementary Technologies, Forge Current & Future APIs, and general Web Programming topics (including web security).

Other Forge developers and Forge Certified Systems Integrators will be exhibiting in the Forge Village (networking area), giving you the opportunity to seek help and advice from people with proven track record of successfully helping customers develop and deploy cloud-based solutions that use Forge. 

There’s strategic information, delivered by our keynote presenters (including Sam Ramji, Autodesk’s new Vice President for Cloud Platforms, Brian Roepke, Senior Director for Forge Product Management),  and in the Forge roadmap presentations. And outside these sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to chat with Autodesk product managers and senior leadership to get a personalized take on how Autodesk technology can address your business problems.

How to attend:

You're coming to Las Vegas that week anyway - to attend Autodesk University - so why not come a day early and learn more about how Autodesk’s platform for the future of making things can help your business. And why not bring your programmer with you - they can take a deep dive into the technology, while you're working out the big picture of how Forge can help your business.

You have several options to attend Forge DevCon:

Registration options

Forge DevCon and the Connect & Construct Summit are collaborating this year, so if you buy a ticket for one of them you can attend any part of either conference. We’ve staggered the keynote sessions so that you can attend both, and we’ll have a combined networking/expo hall.

So don’t wait – Register Today for Forge DevCon Las Vegas. Or - if you've already registered for AU, pop back to the registration site and add Forge DevCon to your ticket.


[A version of this article was originally posted in October 2017. This version is updated for Forge DevCon 2018.]


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