25 Sep 2020

Forge Community News - September 2020

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Forge Community News - September 2020
Forge platform updates, coding resources, and community announcements.
Save your spot for Autodesk University 2020
Register for Autodesk University
Registration for Autodesk University 2020 is now open. While there is no cost to attend, you must still register to save your spot. Learn about all the exciting and engaging Forge opportunities you can take part in for the week of November 17-20, and sign up now.
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Platform updates
Forge Trial progress
If your Forge Trial has exceeded its duration, make sure you activate your Forge account to ensure uninterrupted service.
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Viewer analytics update
In order to support and improve current and future Viewer features, usage analytics not tied to specific users will be collected beginning from v. 7.29.
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BIM 360 Cost API update
Budget Code Templates is now available in a public beta as part of the BIM 360 Cost API. Users can now set up budget code templates for BIM 360 projects, along with the following functionality:
  • Query Templates
  • Query/Create/Update Segments
  • Query/Import/Update Segment Values
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BIM 360 Custom Attributes APIs
The Custom Attributes API is now in public beta.

Key features include the following endpoints:
  • POST version batch-get
  • GET custom-attribute-definitions
  • POST custom-attributes:batch-update
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Latest code samples
  • Snappy viewer tools
  • Get list of referenced files
  • Get Base64 Encode String of Screenshot with Markups
  • Speed up viewable generation when using Design Automation for Inventor
  • LearnForge modify your models - VB.NET
  • Design Automation for Inventor VS template - VB.NET
  • Design Automation and Azure Function as Service
  • Design Automation for Inventor VS template - run WorkItem
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Forge Partner Talks - September & October
Forge Partner Talks
Forge Partner Talks continue with the following sessions. Register once and attend them all! Each webinar starts at 7 AM PST/4 PM CET:
  • Sep 30: Virtual Innovations in Construction
  • Oct 14: Automating with the Microsoft Power Platform
Learn more and register here
Catch up with Autodesk cloud experts
Schedule an appointment with a Forge expert
The Doctor is in
Book an appointment with your favorite Autodesk cloud expert to get one-on-one help solving your Forge challenges.
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Grab coffee with Forge experts
Forge coffee break
Take a quick break every other Wednesday to catch up on what teams are doing, share some ideas and grab coffee with the Forge team.
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Community spotlight
New Systems Integrator: SolidCAD
SolidCAD specializes in technology and services supporting Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Civil Infrastructure, Advanced Manufacturing, and other industries.
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Norconsult IAS
Forge at Autodesk University 2020
Online self-learning with live review
Sign up for a free Forge Bootcamp
Before AU, sign up for an online, self-paced bootcamp to learn how to use Forge APIs, and join live reviews with Forge experts. All sessions are in English and held in time zones across Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Americas.
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Tune in for these Forge pre-events
While there is no Forge DevCon this year, there are still a number of exciting Forge pre-events to keep on your radar. Mark your calendars for the online bootcamp and upcoming hackathon.
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Norconsult IAS
Don't miss these 10 Forge classes at AU 2020
Don't miss these 10 Forge classes
There are so many classes at AU this year it can be hard to choose what to see first. We made it easy - here are the top 10 classes you don’t want to miss.
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