6 Apr 2021

First Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) specific API - Forms API

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The first Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) specific API, Forms API, has been released as public beta!

Forms is one of modules in Autodesk Build. It allows your team to securely fill out, review, and manage project forms, in a format of checklist fields. The template can be a web form defined by template builder, or from a pdf file with smart fields. The contributors create form with the template and input their answer, options, notes, signatures etc. The form will be submitted finally for reviewers to review. Check product help for details.

In this release, two read endpoints are provided:

  • GET form-templates
    • This endpoint returns all the templates data, including ones in folders.
    • It tells the template types such as quality, safety, daily-log, time sheet
    • If it is pdf template, signed-url will be available to download the source template pdf file.
  • GET forms  
    • This endpoint returns all forms, including pdf form and web form.
    • For pdf forms, pdfValues array are the input values of the smart fields.
    • For web forms, customValues array are the input values of the defined fields. Each type of value will go with corresponding json value, other value types will be null.
    • For common forms, Equipment/Material/Worklog are grouped at tabularValues array.


For more information about the Forms API, please check out the official API documentation on Forge developer portal. The tutorial section will be a good starting point to understand how Forms API works.


Code Samples on GitHub: 

This is the beginning of new ACC specific API. Stay tuned for more ACC API to follow! If you have questions and feedback, do not hesitate to ask through our forge support channel.   



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