4 Sep 2019

executeUserFunction accepts user data

As mentioned in the release notes of the v7 version of the Viewer here, now you can pass user data to the executeUserFunction() ?

That simplifies the autoSelect() function used in this article, since now we don't have to play with template literals in order to achieve what we need:

async function autoSelect(viewer, tag) {
    let res = await viewer.model.getPropertyDb().executeUserFunction(function userFunction(pdb, tag) {
        var dbIds = [];

        pdb.enumObjects(dbId => {
            let p = pdb.getObjectProperties(dbId);
            let pv = p && p.properties;
            if (!pv) return;

            if (p.name === tag) {
                return true;
        return dbIds;  
    }, tag);
    let dbId = res[0];
    console.log(`dbId with tag ${tag} => ${dbId}`);


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