26 Jun 2018

Developer Portal to join forge.autodesk.com

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The Forge team is excited to share that you will soon be able to access all of your Forge needs on one URL. 

Developer.autodesk.com will be migrating into forge.autodesk.com in early July.

What does this mean for you?

  • Developer.autodesk.com URLs will redirect to new forge.autodesk.com URLs
  • Bookmarked pages on developer.autodesk.com like documentation and solutions will point to the redirect
  • If you bookmarked developer.autodesk.com it will send you to forge.autodesk.com

We are making this change as part of many efforts underway to improve the experience for developers and Forge users. We hope this change will be a welcomed change.

And of course, reach out if you have questions, comments, or feedback - let us know at forge.help@autodesk.com



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