29 Sep 2019

Design Automation for Inventor with Vault

We've had developers looking to work with the Inventor Design Automation API, but their files were inside of Vault, and hence were wary of the additional steps involved, viz. logging into the Vault Server, checking out the file, downloading them to a temp location and finally running Design Automation on it and checking the updated file back into Vault.

There is a much easier way to automate this entire flow by using the Vault API in conjunction with the Inventor Design Automation API.

Here is an example that does just that. It logs into your Vault server, allows you to pick your files using the Vault Dialog, checks out the file, and then downloads it directly to the bucket, thus eliminating the need of having an intermediate temp location. The updated file then gets checked back into Vault.
In this example, I have used the Inventor Design automation API to update the 'Comments' iProperty, since it is mapped to Vault, and you can immediately see the updated results inside your Vault Explorer (as seen in the image above). 

Please find complete source code of the said example here.

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