16 Mar 2019

Design Automation - Count/Delete Revit elements sample

Count/Delete Revit elements sample

Count/Delete Revit Elements Sample

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There are 3 Revit Design Automation plugins at Step-by-step tutorial, based on 2 of them, CountIt and DeleteWalls, I created the Web app sample to count and delete Revit elements. This also includes a few improvement to DeleteWalls sample to support deleting different types of elements(Walls, Floors, Doors, Windows) based on the input json file, and renamed the Revit Design Automation plugin project to DeleteElements.

This sample is based on Learn Forge Learn Forge Tutorial, the workflow is pretty similar, please make sure to go through that sample first, or you are already familiar with that.

To use the sample, the workflow should be:

  1. Build the solution to create 2 AppBundle under wwwroot/bundles;
  2. Create/Update AppBundle & Activity in Configure dialog;
  3. Create a bucket and upload a Revit project file;
  4. Select a Revit project file, translate it and open it in Forge viewer;
  5. Select different element types you want to Count/Delete, select activity, click Start workitem to post a workitem.
  6. The result file(.txt or .rvt) will be put in the same bucket, you can translate and view it, or you can download the file to check out.

For more details, please check the source code on Github/Autodesk-Forge.

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