27 Aug 2020

Custom Attributes APIs for BIM 360 Document are now on Public Beta

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The first 3 endpoints of Custom Attributes (CA) of Doc are now on public beta!

API references:
and one tutorial on one possible scenario: get current CA values, check available CA definitions of this folder, assign/update values of some CA.
The API documents of CA on private beta have been dropped off. If you have made a bookmark with the old link before, please switch to bookmark the new one.

POST version batch-get:

This endpoint allows you to get attributes of multiple documents (by URNs). It provides not only CA, but also some other data which is specific with BIM Docs document, such as review status. The intention of the API design is to provide more specific data of Docs in the future  (v.s. general data that are provided by Data Management API). So please do not confuse with the API name ☺
In addition, this API will tell option values of drop-down type directly, instead of definition id like CA of Issue API
GET custom-attribute-definitions:
This endpoint tells ID, name, type of CA definitions of one folder. It includes all definitions of current folder and those inherited from parent folders. It also tells the option values of drop-down type.
POST custom-attributes:batch-update:
This is to assign or update the values of the CA of the document. Setting null will clear the values. The date type requires the string follows with ISO8601(milliseconds are discarded). And value for drop-down type must have been defined in definitions.

Some simple Postman scripts are available at: https://github.com/xiaodongliang/forge-bim360-docs.api-postman.collection

P.s. It also includes scripts for other Document Manager APIs such as Folder permission and Download PDF. 

More APIs of CA (such as create, patch and delete CA definition) are on the road-map.  As always, please send your feedback at forge.help@autodesk.com . If comments on documents, please send feedback through the right-bottom Voice button:



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