3 Dec 2020

Convergence with Forge

Autodesk University 2020 launched on November 17th with multiple product announcements, vision statements, hundreds of robust pieces of learning content, and much more. But you probably noticed that one theme, in particular, was very clear throughout the conference - Autodesk wants to help you Reimagine Possible and gain that competitive edge. There is no time like the present to invest in the Autodesk tools that will get you there because COVID-19's impact has changed the way we work forever.  The shift to a more digital, connected, and virtual future is calling on you to unleash innovations that deliver new benefits, experiences, and value. 

But how exactly are we going to create the New Possible? By ushering in the Era of Convergence. Convergence is the next stage of digitization, leading to the digital blending of previously separate technologies, processes, and digital and physical assets; the reshaping of industry structures and markets; and entirely new combinations of products, services, and experiences.

To help show you the true value of Convergence, we are posting a blog series on Convergence in your Industry.  We will start on Convergence with Forge, as our cloud platform underpins much of what can be done for each industry. Below you will find a few pieces of Forge on-demand AU content that teach you more about this phenomenon and show how Forge can allow you to capitalize on Convergence as an opportunity for innovation and growth. 

Forge and Convergence

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Convergence - and Why You Should Care

Still wondering what exactly is Convergence? This class, All You Ever Wanted to Know About Convergence - and Why You Should Care, will enlighten you. Alex Stern, Senior Manager of Platform and Technology Strategy at Autodesk, will teach you the definition, underlying drivers, and impact of the convergence trend. He'll outline how you can start building your own strategic responses to the convergence trends based on examples discussed in the talk. In addition, you will learn how convergence impacts Autodesk's medium- and long-term vision and how we intend to support businesses seizing opportunities as a result of convergence.

Forge Keynote

Among the key threads enabling convergence is the cloud. Forge is Autodesk’s cloud platform that provides a range of APIs and services that help innovators customize solutions and create entirely new ways of making. In the Forge Keynote, you hear from Susanna Holt, Vice President of Forge, and Greg Fallon, Vice President of Platforms & Technology Strategy on how we are being forced to adapt and how Forge is helping converge our industries and processes. They also talk about the exciting ways our partners and customers are reimagining possible. They introduce BamCore who had goals to build sustainably and eliminate error in the Construction industry.  The benefits proceeded to overflow as they tell us how from design to manufacturing to construction, the Forge platform connects every part of a once siloed workflow and facilitates better collaboration, faster installation, clash reduction, and mass customization, among other benefits. One of our Autodesk construction ecosystem partners, HoloBuilder provides a virtual tool that allows you to easily capture, view, and control project progress with 360 degree photos from anywhere. They explain how Forge integrates job site data with design models allowing teams from anywhere to compare real-world conditions with BIM. The result - teams stay on schedule and on budget with fewer errors and much more. Toshiba Elevators is also reinventing. They used Forge to bring together data from store specifications and CAD systems to create a sales configurator. With Forge's Design Automation APIs they automate the creation of 3D models in the configurator which allows models to be customized on-demand. This creates a more streamlined, personalized process through every stage of the project lifecycle: sales, design, manufacturing, delivery, and installation. 

Forge Fire Face Off

We thought a good way to spice things up virtually this year, would be to host a flaming hot game show called the Forge Fire Face Off. Here you meet Greg Fallon, VP of Platform and Technology at Autodesk, as he battles 10 hot sauces alongside 10 even spicier questions. Greg was put in the hot seat in Portland, Oregon where he has to come face to face with a plate of hot chicken wings. We then ask him a question with each wing he takes, while the sauces get progressively spicier as we proceed. Our host Whitney Lawrence, Marketing Program Manager, asks Greg about Convergence, and why it is so important to look beyond industry when planning for the future. What is Convergence and how does Forge come into play? Tune in to hear about this and things like the new Platform and Technology group, diversity, the future of Forge and so much more. You can also catch other Autodesk leadership cameos from Susanna Holt, VP of the Forge Platform, Scott Reese, SVP of Manufacturing, Cloud, and Production Products, and Scott Borduin, CTO.

Forge Keynote - New Ways of Making
Forge Keynote - New Ways of Making

Be sure to watch the above Autodesk University 2020 programs to get a well-rounded idea of just how impactful Convergence can be to you, your team, and your industry. And check out the other blogs in this series to find inspiration from other industries:

If you'd like to learn more about how different industries, processes, and disciplines are coming together, check out this overview on Convergence.


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