4 Nov 2019

Catch Applied Technology at Forge DevCon!

Applied Technology

Applied Technology will be at Forge DevCon this year! Visit their booth at the Automation Zone in the Village to see how Forge platform services can be implemented in every phase of construction.

Applied Technology 1

They'll take you through the construction lifecycle, from planning to facility management. Beginning with their planning service that links zoning plans and AR, and followed by a design service that streamlines reinforcement inspection.

Applied Technology 2

Next, they'll show their construction planner to increase efficiency in construction means and methods. Finally, they'll introduce you to their building management system "BuildCAN", which is a digital twin solution that utilizes the Internet of Things for facilities management.

Applied Technology 3

All of these are services toBim provides to enhance workflows and increase productivity at all stages of the construction lifecycle. Check out the website for more information, and see you at Forge DevCon! If you still haven't gotten your pass, you can register here.

Applied Technology 4

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