1 Apr 2024

Call for Proposals for Autodesk University 2024


Join us and 13,000+ others in San Diego, October 15-17 for Autodesk University, The Design & Make Conference. From April 2nd until April 30th, we are accepting class proposals. But that’s not all. We are excited to introduce the Theater Talk program to the CFP process to better influence and inspire business decision makers with innovative ideas and original insights backed by compelling case studies and real-world successes. Read on to learn about the program and see what Autodesk Platform Services is looking for in your class and theater submissions.

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The hot topic this year is DATA. APS is looking to hear from up and coming and tenured industry leaders who want to share their journey with design and make data. How are you connecting people? Workflows? Software? How are you innovating in your space? We want to see your use cases from the why to the how. Don’t be afraid to get technical in your class submission. Our attendees have expressed that they want more details on how things were developed and made. What is under the hood of a solution. Tell us how you are:

  • Connecting data, processes, and people in the cloud.
  • Visualizing data, extracting insights, and improving decision making.
  • Automating processes and streamlining workflows, from design and engineering to configuration and sales.
  • Connect/Integrate Autodesk SaaS Products (ACC/Fusion) with your ERP/CRM & Databases
  • Transforming your business and unlocking new ways to create competitive advantage.
  • Using industry platforms Forma, Fusion, and Flow.
  • Implementing early-stage planning and outcome-based design to create more sustainable projects.

Check out these playlists of last year’s best classes to inspire your submission:

Get started with Autodesk Platform Services 
  • Classes about the APIs and services you need to build better, custom business solutions. Autodesk Platform Services unlocks your Design and Make data to power new ways of working.
AI & Machine Learning with APS
  • Classes on transforming Design & Make with AI.
Sustainability with APS
  • Unlock data and intelligence earlier in the design process to empower you to achieve more sustainable outcomes.
Dashboards with APS
  • Visualize the necessary data, improve communications, and streamline workflows by building dashboards.
Digital Twins
  • Build digital twins to visualize insights and data through project lifecycles.
  • Integrate apps with the unified Autodesk Construction Cloud
Data Exchanges
  • Move data efficiently across boundaries with new Autodesk Data Exchanges.
AEC Data Model API
  • Enable granular access to AEC design data stored in the cloud.
Manufacturing Data Model API
  • Read, write, and extend design data through cloud-based workflows.
Forma API
  • Generate geometry within Forma UI by using custom logic.

Primary class speakers receive a complimentary conference pass.

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Theater Talks

Check out last years Theater Talks to get inspired. Here is what you need to know about them:

  • We’ll have 13 programmed blocks throughout AU
  • One block features 3 speakers – 2 customers and 1 Autodesker
  • Each speaker gives a 10–15-minute talk
  • In the style of 'TED Talks'
  • 200+ in-person audience
  • 22,000+ livestream viewers

Theater sessions are:

  • Experts in their field, presenting professional innovations and insights that can help advance their industry
  • Story-driven thought leadership for business decision maker audience
  • Below “industry trends/visionary goals”, above “workflows/products” 
  • Concrete examples of solving  complex problems through partnership with Autodesk 
  • Inspirational stories told with confidence to influence
  • A balance of product and industry content
  • Highly visual - Imagery supports the narrative, presented full screen with high impact visuals

Theater sessions are NOT:

  • Sales pitches
  • Best practices and high-level forecasts
  • Announcements of product offerings or services
  • Technical demonstrations

Submission topics we’re looking for:

  • Data
  • Digital Twins
  • Sustainability
  • AI
  • The next generation of work
  • Industrialized Construction
  • The Future of Manufacturing
  • XR

What’s in it for you?

  •  Exposure to business decision-making audiences 
  •  Guidance on concept and script development 
  •  Review of draft and final script with visual support 
  •  Coaching in advance and onsite 
  •  Recording of your session (available post-event) 
  •  Complimentary conference pass

Submit your Theater Talk proposal

We hope you are inspired to submit a class or Theater Talk about your journey, project, or outcome of developing with Autodesk Platform Services. But be sure to do so before April 30th.

See you in San Diego! 

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