16 May 2024

Call for feedback: No more ZIP files when downloading Revit Cloud Models from Docs

Does your application download Revit models from Autodesk/BIM 360 Docs? If so, you are probably aware that sometimes a Revit model is downloaded as ZIP. It happens when a host model is linked to unpublished models. It often causes confusion to both customers and application developers. 

Revit team is planning to change that. There will be no more zip. When downloading a host model, you will get only the host model without linked models. 

For developers, the process of download a source file itself does not change. However, this will be a behavior change.  Depending on what your application does, this change might affect your application. We would like to understand your use cases to avoid any disruption that the change might cause.


If you think this change might affect your application, and are willing to share your use case
scenarios and to give us feedback, please contact us with the following:

e-mail: rcm.download.api.feedback@autodesk.com
Title: “RCM download API feedback” 


For more information about current behavior of downloading a Revit model from Autodesk/BIM 360 Docs, please refer to the following article: 

Here are a couple of blog posts about how to handle RCM zip or composite models in APS -- to give you an idea of potential use cases which might affect your application:

We looking forward to hearing from you. 

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