20 Jan 2020

BIM 360 Cost Management API sample - export | import cost information with CSV file

BIM360 Cost information export & import

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With the Public Beta release of BIM 360 Cost Management API, you can now access BIM 360 Cost Information through the API, and the most common requirement would be GetUpdate or Create cost information including budget|contract|cost item|change order.

This sample demonstrates how to export and import cost information, the sample does three things: 

  • Display BIM 360 Cost properties either in Raw data and Human readable form.
  • Export BIM 360 Cost properties either in Raw data and Human readable form to a CSV file.
  • Import BIM 360 Cost properties from a locally stored CSV file(based on Raw data).

For more details, please check the source code on Github/Autodesk-Forge. Watch the video at YouTube, and Live Demo at https://bim360cost-exchange.herokuapp.com/.

Hope you enjoy coding with Forge:) 

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