26 Aug 2020

BIM 360 Cost API improvement - Setup Cost Budget Code template

Budget Code Templates and Settings

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I am exciting to announce that the highly demanding BIM 360 Cost API feature Budget Code Templates is now available(Beta) as part of Cost API.

Before this API, developers has to manually setup the budget code template within the UI as shown above, only after that developers can play with the budgets/costs. The new API set now provides the functionality to setup the budget code template for your BIM 360 project, including the abilities:

  • Query Templates
  • Query/Create/Update Segments
  • Query/Import/Update Segment Values 

Please check the new API reference here, and the changelog here.

To help understand the usage of the new API, I also provide postman tutorial to demo the workflow to setup the cost budget code template, the steps should be as follow:  

Postman collection of Cost Budget Code Template Setup

For the details, please check it out at Github. And you can also check the official Tutorial Setup a Budget Code Template.


Enjoy your Forge journey;)



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