16 Sep 2021

Autodesk University Class Catalog is Live

Build your class schedule today

The time you have been waiting for is here. Classes and speakers are now released on the AU platform. You can peruse the offerings and build your schedule starting today.  But note, if you have not registered for the conference you will not be able to build your schedule and save classes. So if you haven’t registered already, you’ll want to do that now. It’s free and virtual so there’s no reason to miss it. 


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Here’s some highlights for you to check out in the class catalog: 


And here’s some individual programming you definitely don’t want to miss: 


This year is packed full with the content that will help you plan your digital transformation journey. Learn how Forge can help you connect your workflows, processes, and data. Tune in to the Forge programming to learn how. If you have any questions on any Autodesk University or Forge classes, feel free to reach out to the team. We’re happy to help guide you in any way. 


And don’t forget to register today and start building your schedule. 


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