11 Dec 2023

Autodesk Tandem Data API Released

Great news for developers!

The Tandem Data API has officially graduated from beta and is now generally available.


Introducing the Autodesk Tandem Data API

As part of the Autodesk Platform Services, the Tandem API is geared towards developers looking to craft and manage sophisticated digital twins.  

Extend Tandem with these new API's and integrate third-party systems like Asset Management, Work-order systems, and IoT sensors. Add Tandem API to your skillset and simplify multi-model loading, storing IOT sensor data, searching, filtering and colorizing BIM-facility equipment, rooms, floors and zones.


Features and Benefits

  • Read/Write Tandem Properties Data: Use the API to read/write facility properties and asset data
  • Advanced Filtering and Visualization: Embed the Viewer for visualization of multi-model designs, that filter down to rooms, floors and spaces.  Quickly load bookmarked partial views and refine further with advanced database queries
  • Robust Authentication: Use 2-legged service accounts (robot accounts) with fine-grained permissions to make embedding the Viewer SDK into PowerBi, Retool or Sharepoint, quick and easy.  Classic 3-legged authentication, is also available.
  • IOT and Time-Series Database API:  Use Tandem's Time-Series database to store your IOT sensor data, and use the API to interface to your sensors, to capture live stream data, like temperature, humidity, occupancy, position and more.




Autodesk University 2023 Talk

We recently showcased Tandem and its new API  at Autodesk University 2023.  In the session "Introducing the Autodesk Tandem API: Building Your First Digital Twin" we highlighted some owner / operator workflows like: 

  • asset management,
  • process optimization,
  • collaborative project management and how to use the API to
  • integrate sensors into a digital twin to enable near real-time tracking and for 
  • facility performance analysis 

You can find more details here: https://conferences.autodesk.com/flow/autodesk/au2023/sessioncatalog/page/inperson/session/1686766474870001ZKE3




Developer Resources

To get started, visit our Tandem API Docs for comprehensive guides and resources, like:


For further support and to engage with fellow developers, our stackoverflow forum with tag '[Autodesk-Tandem]' is always open.  Reach out to us privately at aps.help@autodesk.com or prototype with us, at our Accelerator events.

We're excited to see what you come up with next !

Twitter (now X): @micbeale


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