4 Nov 2021

Autodesk Takeoff Sample - Integrate with Cost Management

Autodesk Takeoff Sample

Autodesk Takeoff Sample

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As Mikako presented on her AU 2021 class CS500022 “Construction Cloud API Updates and Beyond”, from 17:26 to 20:00, Mikako talked about the sample, and also demostrated the function and usage, now, here comes the source code and all the details. 

This sample exports all the takeoff package information from the ACC project, and caculates the budgets based on the quantity and price, then import the generated budgets directly into Cost Management module.

For more details, please find the source code at forge-takeoff2cost, watch the video at YouTube, and play with our live demo app at https://forge-takeoff2cost.herokuapp.com.

Enjoy coding with Forge:) 

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