3 Nov 2021

Autodesk Takeoff API

We were excited to announce the release of Autodesk Takeoff API! In this first release of Takeoff API, the focus is to provide read access; in particular, to access inventory data stored in Takeoff product

Using API, you can read following information: 

  • Measurement system under project admin 
  • Classification systems 
  • Packages 
  • Takeoff types 
  • Takeoff items   
  • Content views (i.e., refers to either a 3D BIM model view or a 2D pdf sheet that a user could use to create takeoffs.) 

For more information about the Takeoff API, please check out the official API documentation on Forge developer portal. The tutorial section will be a good starting point to understand how Takeoff API works.


Presentation and Recording:  

Takeoff API postman collections:

Code Samples on GitHub: 

About the above two GitHub samples, their authors, Zhong Wu and Joao Martins, are planning to make blog posts with more detailed information about them. Stay tuned for more blog posts with details. 

If you have any question, feel free to contact us through our Forge support channel.

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