20 Dec 2023

Autodesk Platform Services product roadmap now available

APS Roadmap

We are excited to share that a public facing roadmap for Autodesk Platform Services is now available. You can view recent releases, planned feature updates, and submit ideas. Explore the updates in detail and vote on how important that update is to you. 

We take feedback seriously and the more we get, the better. Your input can influence the next feature release on Autodesk Platform Services. 

Some of the coming Autodesk Platform Services updates that are in progress are: 


App Store 

  • Managed app listing 

  • Create an app listing for web apps 

  • New app details page and improved user experience

APS Developer Portal 

  • Regenerate client secret via API 

  • View app details via API 


  • Integrate authentication support .NET 

  • ACC Issues SDK 

  • Incorporating Typescript into JS-based SDKS 


There’s a lot more in consideration for the horizon and we’d love your feedback on it. 

Take a look at the roadmap and let us know what you think.

View the roadmap

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