17 Jun 2019

Autodesk Forge Customer Showcase: VINCI Facilities

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Autodesk Forge is our set of cloud-based developer tools used by our community of customers and partners to derive more value from their design and engineering data. The Forge platform unlocks the power of design and engineering data so developers can connect teams, workflows, and build new services to address today's connected customer. In this way, Forge tools help companies build applications that tap into automated processes to alerts, 3D in-browser to virtual reality, and everything in-between. Forge APIs can be combined with existing software systems to enhance how stakeholders work and get more from their data. The Forge team often features Forge partners on this website. A recent one is VINCI Facilities.

VINCI Facilities is a Facilities Management (FM) and Building Solutions provider delivering cost-effective and sustainable customized solutions to customers in the public and private sectors. They are part of VINCI, a world leader in concessions and construction. Benchmarked as leaders in the Sustainable FM Index (SFMI), VINCI Facilities demonstrates an integrated approach to sustainability from strategy to operation. The SFMI is the United Kingdom's only sustainability benchmark in the FM sector. A company's SFMI index is based on an external assessment of business practices to show that a company's commitment to sustainability is what the company says it is.

With regard to Forge, VINCI Facilities helps building owners in Europe and Morocco manage their facilities more efficiently. To help do so, the software developers at VINCI Facilities created an FM system called TwinOps based on BIM (Building Information Modeling) that delivers actionable insights to building operations. TwinOps lets facility managers view and manage their buildings as 3D models. The models bring together a wealth of design and equipment data, providing managers with an operational dashboard for buildings. Occupants report problems and generate maintenance requests that precisely identify issue locations. Maintenance staff use augmented reality viewers to view what's behind walls and ceilings, helping them address issues faster and with less disruption. Buildings owners use TwinOps for analysis that identifies ways that they can operate equipment more efficiently and sustainably. Forge provided the ideal platform for TwinOps developers to access the Building Information Models associated with the facilities.

Check out the customer story:

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When it comes to FM, no problem is inVINCIble. (Sorry, I could not resist.)

Autodesk has always been an automation company. Today, more than ever, that means helping our customers automate their design and make processes. We help them embrace the future of making, where they can do more (e.g., efficiency, performance, quality), with less (e.g., energy, raw materials, timeframes, waste of human potential), and realize the opportunity for better (e.g., innovation, user experience, return on investment). Leveraging APIs to manage facilities is definitely something for the better.


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