25 Jun 2018

Autodesk Enterprise Hub: Photogrammetry automation with your phone and Autodesk Forge

Forge is our application program interface (API) platform and supporting materials (sample code, manuals) as well as a community of developers who uses those APIs. Although Forge is intended for our customers and 3rd party developers to be able to use our web services, we use Forge for our development of the cloud-based services that we offer. You can leverage Forge in the same ways that we do.

Forge is defined by 7 groups of APIs:

Bastien Mazeran is a Premium Support Specialist for Forge who is part of our Worldwide Field Operations team. Bastien shared how he developed a mobile application that uses the Reality Capture and Viewer APIs.

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Autodesk has always been an automation company, and today more than ever that means helping people make more things, better things, with less; more and better in terms of increasing efficiency, performance, quality, and innovation; less in terms of time, resources, and negative impacts (e.g., social, environmental). Autodesk Forge is an integral part of our automation plans.

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Scott Sheppard

Strategic Foresight Scott Sheppard (scott.sheppard@autodesk.com) has worked for Autodesk for 27 out of the last 29 years depending on if you count acquisitions and dot coms. Scott is now a Program Manager in the Autodesk Research working with Autodesk product managers to help Autodesk researchers transition new technologies into production-worthy cloud-based services using the Autodesk Forge platform.