21 Feb 2024

Autodesk Build Submittals API General Availability

We are pleased to inform you about the general availability of Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) Submittals API. 

Submittals is one of the modules in Autodesk Build. It provides a tool to easily create and organize submittal items, such as shop drawings and specifications, to submit/notify for review and distribution among stakeholders and to track progress and reporting. You can find information about the Submittals feature in the product help.

In this first phase of Submittals API, we have released nine (9) read-only endpoints. Using the API, you can retrieve the following data:  

Support for Custom Numbering

We should note that if you have used Submittals API during the beta period, there is one minor change; i.e., two new fields are added to Submittal items to support custom numbering. 
The Custom Numbering feature allows submittal managers to set custom alphanumeric submittal numbers when creating new submittals. This provides more flexibility compared to auto-generated sequential numbering. More information about the Submittals Custom Numbering can be found on this product help page.

To support the Custom Numbering, we introduced the following two new attributes to Submittal items-related endpoints:

  • customIdentifier
  • customIdentifierHumanReadable

Both attributes are related to the Number column in the UI. Submittal managers assign custom numbers to items manually or automatically. Custom numbers can be configured in two ways:

  • In global numbering format: <global number>
  • In spec section numbering format: <spec ID>-<sequential number>

Here is the core logic for these two attributes. Both will have different meanings depending on the numbering format we set in the project settings:

  • For projects with a global numbering format: 
    • Both `customIdentifier` and `customIdentifierHumanReadable` represent the global number.
  • For projects with a spec section numbering format (<spec ID>-<sequential number>):
    • `customIdentifier` represents the sequential number. For example, for a full number of 033100-01, `customIdentifier` is 01. For unnumbered items `customIdentifier` is null.
    • `customIdentifierHumanReadable` represents the full number - both the spec ID and the sequential number. For example, for a full number of 033100-01, `customIdentifierHumanReadable` is 033100-01. For unnumbered items, `customIdentifierHumanReadable` is `Unspecified`. For spec section numbering, it also includes the spec ID. For example, 033100-Unspecified.


  • Field Guide: this page describes the terminology and background information about Submittals and Submittals API. It also includes information about the scope of the current release and its limitations. 
  • Step-by-step Tutorial: this page provides instructions about how to download submittal attachments.
  • Reference Guide: this section lists a set of endpoints to retrieve submittal items, spec sections, packages, item types, responses, and attachments.

Code Samples on GitHub


If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us through our APS support channel. 

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