3 Jun 2021

Autodesk Build Photos API

We are happy to announce the availability of Photos API, another Autodesk Build specific API! 

Photos is one of the modules in Autodesk Build. It provides a single, unified place to view and manage photos and videos in Autodesk Build. This is useful, such as for documenting progress photos, informal communication and material tracking. Everyone on your project can upload photos and videos. These files will all be available in the Photos gallery, but they can also be attached as a reference to issues, RFIs, submittals and forms in UI. Check product help for details.

In this first release, two read endpoints are provided:

  • POST photos:filter
    • This endpoint is to retrieve a set of medias (photos or videos) with an option to filter by properties such as creation date and media type
  • GET photos/:photoId
    • This endpoint returns a single media (photo or video) with a given photo id. 


For more information about the Photos API, please check out the official API documentation on the Forge developer portal. 


Postman Collection on GitHub: 

This is the beginning another set of ACC specific API. We expected more Photos API to follow. If you have questions and requests for Photos API, feel free to contact us through our forge support channel.   

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