31 Oct 2018

AEC classes at Las Vegas

[Editors note - Mikako is Forge DevCon AEC Track Lead]. 

AU/DevCon Las Vegas, the biggest annual event by Autodesk, is less than two weeks away now. Our marketing team is busy pushing for the number of registrations while various product teams are working hard trying to push the new features out by AU. Our team is busy writing samples.

If you haven’t registered for AU/DevCon, here is the link to the registration site: https://autodeskuniversity.smarteventscloud.com/portal/

If you haven’t decided which classes you want to attend, here are a few DevCon classes that I recommend for AEC/BIM developers:

After attending DevCon on Monday, if you want to further discussion, we also have a DevLab on Tuesday, which is a drop-in workshop and short informal lab for software developers. Ask us about anything you like - a general API overview, architectural advice, detailed implementation suggestions, debugging help ...

I hope to see you in Vegas!

(more on this topic: https://fieldofviewblog.wordpress.com/2018/10/29/see-you-at-au-devcon-vegas/


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