4 Nov 2019

AEC Classes at AU/DevCon 2019 Las Vegas

AU/DevCon 2019 Las Vegas is around the corner. As always, our marketing team is busy with final push with registration while product teams who are targeting to announce new features at AU are making sure everything is working by AU. Personally, I took a break as DevCon AEC track lead this year. Augusto Goncalves took over the responsibility. (Thank you, Augusto!) My team has been quite busy working with BIM 360 Model Coordination and Cost team for the last several months, more lately writing samples for the new APIs to be ready for the big event!   


If you haven’t registered for AU and DevCon Las Vegas this year, yet, here is the link to the registration page: 



There are many classes that you can choose from.  If you are still deciding which classes you want to attend, below are the list of DevCon classes in AEC Track this year:   

Below are classes jointly presented with our colleagues:

Last, not least, the class I'm presenting:     

  • FDC323834 – “BIM 360 API Update”, by Mikako Harada, Simon Bee and Don Whittle.
    Monday, Nov 18, 2:15 PM - 03:15 PM.
    BIM 360 Model Coordination API is going to be a big topic this year. I’m pleased to tell you that Simon Bee and Don Whittle from Model Coordination team are co-presenting this class and are going to introduce you to the true API first implementation of Model Coordination API. We’ll also show you examples of integration with Power BI and VR. Cost API is also planned to release around AU time. We’ll cover that as well.

    The image above is a snapshot from a sample by Xiaodong Liang, which integrates Model Coordination API with Power BI.  

It is going to be exciting.  See you in Vegas!




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