15 Apr 2022

ACC Issues API Available as Preview

9/27/2022 Update:  Issues API is out of beta and has been officially released (y). No change in the endpoints nor the functionality. 

Long-awaited Issues API for Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) is finally available as public preview. 

Issues feature is a shared component across multiple ACC products' modules: Docs, Design Collaboration, Model Coordination and Build. The same feature is also accessible through Issues Add-in's for Revit And Navisworks. The Issues feature allows users to track issues in various phases and contexts. 

In this release, following API functionalities are supported: 

  • Read, create and update a project-level issues.
  • Read and write comments.
  • Retrieve the current user’s access permissions levels.
  • Retrieve issues specific project settings, such as issue types, custom attributes definitions, and root cause categories. 

A couple of points to note on the scope and limitations in this release: 

  • ACC Issues API is not compatible with BIM360 Issues.
  • When creating an app or client id, include ACC API category.
  • Issues API supports 3-legged authentication only.
  • Document specific issues (a.k.a. pushpin issues) are not supported. 
  • Some of dependencies are still missing, notably, GET project users. You may workaround by using account level GET users and companies for the time being.  
  • Reading/writing references are done through Relationships API in ACC environment. Please refer to this blog for more information.



If you have any questions and feedbacks, please contact us through our Forge support channel

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