Sandip Jadhav


Sandip is a successful entrepreneur in the CAD/CAE space. He has co-founded CCTech, Zeus Numerix, Adaptive 3D Technologies, LearnCAx and recently simulationHub, a cloud based fluid flow simulation web service.

Sandip has led several product development teams in conceptualizing, designing software and implementation of apps in CAD, simulation, 3D Printing, mesh kernel and fluid volume extraction. He has been working as a product development consultant with Autodesk, Shell, CFDesign and more.

Sandip holds a master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from IIT Bombay. Sandip is also a National Award winner for Mechanical Engineering Design. He is a member of SIGGRAPH and ACM.

Sandip is a passionate software developer and loves to tinker with technology. He always looks for innovative ways to transform human life by democratizing technology.

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