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Autodesk Certified Apps Program

Apply for app certification

The Autodesk Certified Apps Program is offered to Autodesk Developer Network (ADN) members who build applications with the highest level of quality, integration, and compatibility with select Autodesk products and releases.

The program currently covers Autodesk products that primarily target manufacturing customers, including Autodesk Inventor® and Autodesk Vault®


Getting your apps certified gives you increased exposure and differentiation to Autodesk customers and the extended Autodesk sales team (Autodesk sales and resellers), in addition to receiving greater sales, marketing, and technical support.

  • Autodesk Certified App logo

  • Preference in promoting your app through the Autodesk Exchange Apps Store and other channels

  • Support for press release, newsletters, and speaking opportunities

  • Priority in participation at Autodesk-sponsored events such as Autodesk University (AU) and One Team Conference (OTC)

  • Greater visibility to Autodesk sales and resellers through webinars, newsletters, and introductions

  • Greater access to Autodesk technical support and product training


If you are an ADN member with an app that meets the certification criteria for the relevant Autodesk product, you're invited to apply. A key requirement is for your app to provide an integrated experience, which includes at least one of the below:

  • In-window integration: your app has a full or part in-window presence within the product, beyond just launching from the ribbon.

  • Your app is able to directly open native Autodesk product files and maintain associativity between the native Autodesk product files and app specific data. Maintaining associativity means that the app informs the user of changes to the original Autodesk product file to assist the user in managing updates

Your app also needs to maintain compatibility with the latest annual release of the relevant Autodesk product—in addition to compatibility with the previous release (support for two releases).

How to apply

After you apply to the Autodesk Certified Apps Program, the next steps for certification include:

  • Autodesk confirms eligibility and schedules a follow-up review to have you demo the app.

  • Autodesk performs additional testing and notifies you of the result.

  • Apps that pass the certification process receive an Autodesk Certified App logo along with the above benefit.

  • Autodesk will provide recommended corrections for apps that do not pass.

Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ is for software developers primarily focusing on manufacturing customers who are interested in, or are already developing, applications for select Autodesk products.

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