Forge DevCon 2017

Forge DevCon + Autodesk University

The world’s largest gathering of design and
engineering software developers joins the conference
for the future of making things.

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<h2>Forge DevCon 2017</h2>
<p>At Autodesk University (AU)<br>
November 13-14 in Las Vegas, Nevada</p>

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Forge DevCon 2017 Keynotes

The Future of Forge, Part 1 of 2
Brian Roepke, Senior Director Forge Product Management

Josh Kanner, CEO, & Vlad Gorsky, CTO,


The Future of Forge, Part 2 of 2
Brian Roepke, Senior Director Forge Product Management

Sam Hobish, Creative Director


The Last Mile: Platforms & Niches
Duleesha Kulasooriya, Deloitte Center for the Edge


Forge DevCon Executive Panel
Scott Reese, Autodesk SVP of Construction & Manufacturing
Brian Mathews, Autodesk VP of Cloud Platforms

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Forge & Your Community


Autodesk Forge is a cloud developer platform that enables businesses to develop customized solutions that connect design and engineering data, processes and people. Forge provides software development tools and resources, embedded in a robust community of users.

Forge DevCon is where this community comes together to learn about the Forge platform, its latest implementations, and a roadmap for the future.

Autodesk University (AU) is a global community for those that make anything. From design to engineering to media to entertainment. See how design and engineering software is being used by the best in the business.

This community is for software developers and businesses that want to

  • Expose their IT teams to some of the latest development tools.
  • Incorporate new applications that advance AEC from BIM to construction to infrastructure.
  • Learn how to use Autodesk cloud-based APIs and SDKs to build apps and services.
  • Enhance their projects/products with IoT, VR/AR, and 3D technologies.
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The Forge DevCon Experience

Forge DevCon attracts over 1,500 developers across the globe. Enjoy two days packed with classes, keynotes, panels, DevLab, and plenty of Q&A.

<p class="experience-box"><span class="bignum">60+</span> Presenters</p>
<p class="experience-box"><span class="bignum">50+</span> Classes</p>
<p class="experience-box"><span class="bignum">10+</span> Panels</p>
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Forge DevCon Topics

Expect a diverse lineup of software development technologies, applications, and tools covering:

At Forge DevCon its easy to connect and collaborate with Autodesk product managers, software architects, and engineers building Forge, and the community of ISVs and customers who use Forge every day.

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Forge DevCon Highlights

Connected Construction Ecosystem

Discover Forge

Tailored Scheduling

Discover Forge with a Tailored Schedule

Whether you’re completely new to Forge or looking for what’s new; whether you’re a business leader or technical expert; explore classes, meet-ups, and more at Forge DevCon and Autodesk University that will provide you with everything you need to understand the state of the art and the future of the Forge platform.


View Schedule

Meet New Forge Services


High Frequency Data Management

Forge will be releasing High Frequency Data Management, a data service that acts as a central hub that stores and communicates rapidly changing data between different clients, apps, and connected services. In this class you’ll see examples of what you can build and discuss the core concepts that benefit from this services.


View Class

What’s next for Forge?
Attend the Roadmap Session


Shawn Gilmour, Director, Forge Platform shares what’s new with Forge software over the past year and what’s coming soon. The Forge Product Management Team will share insights and strategies on changes to existing APIs, what new APIs are being previewed at DevCon 2017, and what we’re working on that is yet to come.


View Class

BIM 360 API for a Connected Construction Ecosystem

Class – FDC123725

Speakers: Tomer Galon, Manu Venugopal

Come and listen to the BI 360 product team discuss the receng updates and enhancements to the BIM 360 API. Now, Autodesk customers, partners, and developers can build a connected…


View Class

10 Useful (and Cool) Forge Applications

Class – FDC123224

Speakers: Jim Quanci, Stephen Preston

Join the Forge Partner Development Senior Director, Jim Quanci, as he takes you on a lightning tour of Forge-based web applications Through the medium of demo apps, you'll find out what Forge is; what it can (and can't) do; and pick up some interesting ideas for how you can make use of Forge to enhance your own applications and workflows.


View Class

Best Practices with Forge REST APIs

Class – FDC124141

Speakers: Philippe Leefsma, Jaime Rosales

Kickstart and accelerate your development on the Forge platform by demonstrating best practice workflows and tips & tricks for managing REST API calls and consuming JSON data. Examples will include uses of the Model Derivative API, Data Management API (including accessing data in BIM 360 Docs), Authentication API and Design Automation API. Prior knowledge in Web and Cloud development is recommended.


View Class

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Forge DevCon International

Shanghai, China

Forge DevCon China

August 8, 2017
Shanghai, China


Tokyo, Japan

Forge DevCon Japan

September 21, 2017
Hilton Tokyo Odaiba


Darmstadt, Germany

Forge DevCon Germany

October 16, 2017
Centralstation Darmstadt


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Watch the 2016 Recap

Play video

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Autodesk University

Forge DevCon 2017 is paired with Autodesk University (AU) 2017, Autodesk’s flagship learning event. Attendees can purchase a combination pass to both events, or use their Forge DevCon pass to explore the AU exhibit hall.


One date. One location. Two great conferences.

If you want to connect with Autodesk customers and connect with Autodesk software architects, we recommend purchasing a pass to both. For more detail on AU, check out the AU website.

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Sponsor Forge DevCon

Want to get more involved? View the Sponsor Prospectus and reach out to the sponsor team to get started.


Forge DevCon Cloud Sponsor

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<h3>Jim Quanci</h3>
<h4>Senior Director</h4>
<h4>Forge Partner Development</h4>
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<h3>Hazel Wood</h3>
<h4>Sponsor Program Manager,</h4>
<h4>Forge DevCon</h4>
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