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Saving time, money, and frustration with bulk data processing for your PLM

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D3 Technologies is a consulting company that partners with manufacturers to design better products and get to market faster by leveraging best-in-class engineering, design, process automation, and data management technologies.

The Challenge: Crafting bespoke solutions to resolve the same issues

D3 developers kept tackling the same issues for customers. Automate time-consuming tasks in Fusion 360 Manage with Upchain. Autodesk’s PLM is a powerful process management tool. It’s even more powerful when customized.

Customers were asking D3 for faster workflows for sharing data, creating notifications, and running scripts. These processes are often executed one by one. Attach a single file to one item at a time, for instance. And a customer’s frustration peaks when a data-heavy activity times out before completion.

D3 automated these tasks by starting the coding process from scratch each time. Its developers needed a scalable solution to speed up programming and to share with customers.

The Solution: D3’s ForgeFlow offers pre-built integrations that offload processing to the cloud

D3 created ForgeFlow, a suite of pre-built integrations for Fusion 360 Manage with Upchain. D3 uses Autodesk’s Fusion Data and Data Management API to extract granular data from the PLM and offload heavy-duty processing to the cloud. They also use the Authentication API for secure access and the Webhooks API for notifications.

Working in the ForgeFlow interface, admins can access views, items, and scripts. This more robust access, powered by the cloud, allows users to run processes simultaneously. Processes such as:

  • Export views and grid data to excel
  • Bulk load attachments by the hundreds
  • Bulk/import and update item details
  • Bulk run on-demand scripts
  • Create webhook alerts that notify stakeholders of updates

Together, these administration tools increase the value of the PLM, making it easier to customize to each customer’s specific business needs. D3 sees a future where manufacturing and the built environment become more tightly integrated. With that, its developers plan to extend ForgeFlow to serve architecture, engineering, and construction teams.

Business Outcomes: Less programming, less cost, less frustration

  • Reduced need for costly developer time to build bespoke solutions
  • Less downtime and fewer errors during data processing, giving users time back for high-value work
  • Streamlined processes with more administrative control over data, people, and processes

“Autodesk’s cloud-based APIs offer so much value, but you need programming expertise to unlock their potential. ForgeFlow is how we make those tools scalable and plug-and-play, rather than designing bespoke solutions for every customer.” - Michael Pares, Manager of Enterprise Services, D3 Technologies

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